“To my culture. Today is a grand day because I am able to share my new art project that will allow me to be more personal with all of you through my thoughts and art. Here we express the truth no matter how deep it digs. With that being said, this is an area of peace, love and pain. I know it sounds off but that’s because it is. Things are different. You’re different. I’m different. So it is time for something new. I can not wait to share all I have and all I have been holding back for years for this day. This project will change all of the time, new faces just like new days. I thought I heard it breathing and chattering, so I thought it would be a good time to let it speak and breathe its own air. It’s time for deep thoughts and severe time travel down the wormhole. It’s been far too long. Exhale. Enjoy.” – clown